At Sierra James Construction we strive to provide you with superior service and quality work that we both can be proud of.

We excell at being able to help you through the process when you need it most.

Through remodeling your home or when disaster strikes.

Jesse, our company’s owner,  has the ability to see through the mess and destruction to focus on what you need to achieve your dream results.

Having been in the building industry for 20 years, he has done it all from the ground up.

New construction, matching the old work in remodels, and also working to put things right when disaster hits in your own home. Jesse founded Sierra James Construction to be able to provide you with the best of his abilities, as his passion lies in the area of remodels and restoration.

If you’re looking for a remodel of your home, no matter how small, we can help.

Or if you have had damage to your home due to the unforeseen. Let us know. We will be there to help you through the process. We will work with you and your insurance company to get you what you need and deserve to put everything back together as it should be.

We promise to provide you with the best quality of service possible, we will provide fair prices, and give you the best product possible.